Security & Bodyguards

A bodyguard is tasked with safeguarding the security of individuals. All of our Private Security have their Guard Cards and have worked in or have experience with: Law Enforcement, Secret Service, Military, Celebrities, and Estates. Client safety is most important so our security are experienced with high end surveillance, sensor cameras, infrared, digital video recorders, and integrated systems. Security is there to assure you a convenient and comfortable environment with with comfort of knowing you and your family will be safe.

Salary Range $25/Hour- $50/Hour

  • Bodyguard job duties
    • Escorting the client to dinners and events
    • Work with staff to ensure a safe environment at all times
    • Safe Driving techniques
    • Preplanned arrivals to run smooth upon destination
    • First Aid training
    • Effectively remove unplanned guests and intruders
    • Safe room and evacuation procedures
    • Security measures and protocols in place for a controlled environment
    • Implement security protocols
    • Knowledge in strategic lighting and camera placement for your estate
    • Setting up central locations for video monitoring
    • Dismissal
    • Monitoring
    • Development