All of our chefs have a degree in culinary arts, previous experience as a head chef in a fine restaurant, and/or previous experience as a private cook or a personal chef in a home. A chef’s responsibilities include everything relating to meal preparations for the family and the household staff, including shopping, meal/menu planning, preparation and clean-up. These duties are performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties and entertaining.

Our chefs can offer advice and expertise for more specific dietary needs like low calorie, dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, kosher, macrobiotic, raw, or healthy cuisine. Our chefs often work closely with Assistants and Housekeepers to make sure that the house runs smoothly.

Salary Range $30/hour- $50/hour

  • Chef care job duties
    • Pre-made, delivered meals ready for heating or In-home
    • Full-time meal preparation
    • Cuisine selections
    • A range of meal categories, varying in price to meet various budgets
    • Preparation of custom meal requests
    • Accommodation of specific diets (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, kosher, low-fat, etc.)
    • Menu preparation
    • Food/supply shopping
    • Stock and organize kitchen
    • Pantry maintenance
    • Shop for kitchen supplies and equipment
    • Meal/snack preparation
    • Kitchen management & clean-up
    • Wine pairing
    • Table arrangement & serving
    • Off-location preparation of meals
    • Meal delivery
    • Multi-course meal preparation for parties of 2 to 20
    • Travel with employers to vacation homes to provide meal preparation at those locations.