Housekeepers & Maids

Maids and Housekeepers will maintain the order, cleanliness and organization of your family residence. Our housekeepers are enthusiastic, professional and familiar with the maintenance and care of finer items. They possess a great deal of experience cleaning homes of a large scale. Whether you need someone full-time or just a couple of days a week we can find a great person for you.

Salary Range $15/Hour- $35/Hour

Maintenance/House Man:
A Houseman or Maintenance man will be your go to for all things needing fixed or tended to in and around your home. They have experience with small projects like changing clocks with the time-change, Contacting exterminators, or overseeing a big project like the development of new landscaping. They are always ready to fix anything that breaks, needs attention or oversee that projects get tended to in a timely manner. All of our candidates have been prescreened with the verification of work history, references and personally interviewed.

Salary Range $15/Hour- $25/Hour

  • Housekeeping Job duties
    • Deep cleaning
    • Grocery shopping
    • Run Errands
    • Furniture, rug and carpet maintenance
    • Antique & silver care
    • Meal preparation
    • Laundering
    • Ironing
    • Pet care
    • Closet organization
    • Pantry organization
    • Backup nanny help, and child care
    • Packing/unpacking
    • Window cleaning
  • House/Maintenance Men Job duties
    • Landscape care
    • Repairs in and around the home
    • Building or moving furniture
    • Lifting of heavy items
    • Any additional errands that may be needed
    • Maintain the cars
    • Changing of light bulbs and filters as needed
    • Contact and supervise vendors
    • Managing all outdoor care for your home