Personal Assistants

The role of Personal Assistants and Estate Managers is to lend a helping hand in every aspect of your life. They assist with a variety of life management tasks. The level of involvement and range of services they do vary depending on the size and needs of the household. The Estate Manager and/or Personal Assistant delivers the highest quality of service by carefully planning, supervising and participating in all aspects of a household.

The benefit of having a Personal Assistant or Estate Manager on staff is to alleviate the employer from the day to day management and duties. They ensure that a household is operating smoothly, anticipates the needs of the family and always has their privacy and confidentiality in mind. We take great measure to find experienced Personal Assistants and Estate Managers.

Salary Range $15/Hour- $35/Hour

  • Personal Assistant Responsibilities
    • Phones
    • Running all errands
    • Grocery shopping
    • Making all travel arrangements
    • Overseeing household staff
    • Calendaring
    • Pet care
    • Auto maintenance
    • Keeping inventory of all household items
    • Liaison between employer and clients
    • Keeping Home, files, and Office organized
    • Party, Holiday and Event planning
    • Emailing, faxes and mail
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Bill pay
    • Keep up all Estate records
    • Reservation and appointment booking
  • Estate Management Responsibilities
    • Supervising Estate grounds, maintenance and renovations
    • Oversee the training, hiring, and coordination of all staff and household needs for the estate
    • Managing household schedules and vendors
    • Multiple estate management
    • Special event supervision and coordination
    • Maintenance of all estate records and vehicles
    • Supervising outsourced contractors such as gardeners, painters, pool cleaning, and builders.
    • Reservation and appointment booking