Screening Process

OUR background
check and

All candidates are legally required to work in the USA and will have a background report pulled once placed with a family. 

We run a thorough background check through Verifyit first. Our background checks are very in-depth and will cover all states, counties, and cities that the Candidate has lived in.

The background check will be pulled once the client has hired the candidate and payment for referral services has been made to Mansfield Domestics.

Background Checks Include:

-In-depth criminal history
-Driving record
-National sex offender registry check

Screening process to vetting candidates:

  • RCandidates will submit an online inquiry form with their availability, needs and resume.
  • Candidates must have experience in the field in which they are applying - to be accepted as a candidate through Mansfield Domestics.
  • RA detailed interview will be performed directly with the candidate and owner of Mansfield Domestics - Tiffany Mansfield
  • RVerification of work history
  • RReferences checked
  • RQualified candidate profiles will be sent for consideration to your personal and private Mansfield Domestics portal.
  • RA Background check will be pulled once a candidate is hired on.

Process to referring a candidate for consideration to a client:

** We have a no obligation and no money upfront process to see candidates profiles


  • RComplete the client inquiry form
  • RWe’ll have an in-depth conversation directly with you over the phone confirming all information is correct and explain our process
  • RElectronically sign the referral agreement and client disclosure - located in your portal.
  • RQualified candidates are attached for consideration to your portal **only candidates that are qualified AND interested will be attached for consideration
  • RYou will be notified a new candidate has been attached and you will log into your private portal to view their profile
  • RMansfield Domestics will then arrange any interviews you have with the candidates
  • ROnce you have interviewed the candidates referred to you and find one to be a good fit - an offer can be made and they are hired on and your new employee
  • RReferral fee is due
  • All interaction with Candidates and coordinating of interviews will be done through Mansfield Domestics until a candidate is hired on and payment has been received for referral services.